Jen Taylor

Bowen Therapist and Jin Shin Jyutsu Expert

Hello my name is Jen Taylor at Bodykneads, welcome.

In my 18 years as a critical care nurse working in ICU and operating theatre, I witnessed firsthand the frequent failures of mainstream medicine’s attempts to find and treat the root causes of chronic conditions, especially pain. My own chronic shoulder injury led me to explore other options to lessen my pain, improve my mobility and my headspace which was eroding my sense of wellbeing.

So, in seeking alternatives to help patients more effectively when they were at their most vulnerable, I first found and was treated with Bowen therapy and soon after….Jin Shin Jyutsu. It was a revelation – and I haven’t looked back. Not only did I find my own pathway back to vibrant good health, but I realised it was the birth of my dream to provide a calm and nurturing space to treat people, ease their pain, then empower them in a positive, caring and respectful way.

Having run my energetic medicine practice Body Kneads for 30 years, I have been and am a respected teacher and mentor of the methods I use with many of my past students and my clients every day.

My primary aim is to help my patients take control and responsibility for their own health and wellbeing: first by helping to getting their pain under control then to educate them using self help tools which gives them the confidence to maintain it. With every treatment, I tailor every persons’ session according to their needs, by using my current skill set together with my nursing experience to achieve the best outcome for them.

Bowen and Jin Shin Jyutsu have allowed me enjoy a life of abundant good health which is the wish I have for each and every one of my clients.

I am a keen artist. Given my broad knowledge of the human body, it’s no surprise that I love sketching its form in my spare time.

I’m also an avid walker; thoroughly enjoy great walks along Perth’s beaches and in the Hills bush land. I have walked extensively in Spain, Japan, the UK and paddled the white water in one of France’s great waterways. I practice Tai chi, meditate and use Feldenkrais regularly, acting as the cornerstones to my balance awareness & wellbeing.

To relax, if I’m not pottering in the garden, I may be found with my head deep in a book ,writing & painting, or playing with my gorgeous grandchildren.

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