Every BODY KNEADS care.

If you wish to be given time for your needs to be addressed, treated, time to relax, re-energise & rebalance, be given tools to help yourself for the in-between times, then Jen @ Body Kneads is there for you. She can use one of a number of non invasive therapies which can be used to address a wide range of physical restrictions, postural deficits and imbalances which cause pain and discomfort.They can be tailor made to treat your specific issues whilst still delivering an all over body treatment allowing you leave feeling rejuvenated, calm and at peace with the world.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue therapy that addresses a diverse range of issues from headaches, lower back and neck pain/stiffness, shoulder pain, restless legs, groin and/or knee pain, menstrual issues, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow to carpal tunnel syndrome just to name a few. It can be done through light clothing. A gentle, non invasive therapy, it doesn’t use creams or oils.
Sets of cross fibre moves over skin performed in sequences, which in turn manipulate the underlying connective tissue (fascia) & musculature make up the basis of Bowen. It is distinguished from other therapies by the fact that once the moves are initiated, time is given for the body to process and integrate the information it has received. Those moves stimulate the fascial sheaths to re-hydrate, plump up and kickstart cellular waste removal from the body which acts like a detox; therefore, having a good water intake is encouraged before and after treatment.
Bowen therapy appears to yield amazing physical and emotional changes with a minimum of treatment. Symptoms, which could have had several years history, may be resolved within 3 sessions. It can be used as an extremely effective tool in reducing pain and assisting in restoring balance & maintaining normal function or as a preventative treatment to maintain wellbeing and good health. . You are left feeling taller, balanced, happier, looser, pain free and more flexible with a sense of wellbeing (common feedback from patients) all good reasons in themselves for booking your self a treatment.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

This ancient Oriental art brings about deep relaxation through harmonizing the bodys energetic circulation by defusing harmful attitudes which if left long enough can result in physical manifestations. It can be likened to Acupuncture without the needles as the fingers are used to harmonise the energetic meridians – a brilliant stress buster. The gift that Jin Shin Jyutsu gives to you after a session is one or a series of really simple self help tools that can be used anytime anywhere to help reduce your stress, calm yourself, see levity in your situation and have in other words a Piece of Peace. This gentle art is applied through clothing with you, the recipient lying comfortably. The length of a typical session is about an hour.
A salve for the soul.

Ear Candling

A gentle treatment which may ease the discomfort of sinusitis, some chronic headaches, swimmers and glue ear. It may help to relieve pressure in the ears after flying, ease nose and throat congestion and some forms of tinnitus. The candles work in such a way that when they are lit the flame creates a gentle low level vacuum of rising warm air. As you are asked to rest comfortably on your side the treatment may help to relax and calm, and relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. A session may take up to 40 minutes as it is suggested you rest gently for about 10-15 minutes after the candling .

Emmett Technique

A neuromuscular release technique, that was established by the Queensland based Ross Emmett, is fast, remarkably effective and can be performed whilst fully clothed sitting, lying or in fact anywhere, although customarily it is performed whilst lying on a treatment table. Through holding certain points in certain sequences, it releases, resets, and balances muscle groups by unlocking muscle memory. It can be used on its own as an extremely effective therapy or as an adjunct to further increase the efficacy of Bowen Therapy. Again the therapist can demonstrate quick self help strategies that can be used at home to reduce discomfort so it is supremely portable.

Relaxation Massage

A general full body treatment, using gentle to medium pressure to induce a sense of relaxation throughout the muscles. Reward yourself once you have returned to balance through your Bowen Treatments. A must for our fast paced existence.


There is a complete blueprint on the feet which correspond to different parts of the body, and can influence those parts accordingly when massaged. Bliss for tired and stressed feet.