Your alarm doesn’t go off, you oversleep and you PANIC.

You are running late, cant find your car keys and you are FRUSTRATED.

You listen to the morning news, spill your latte in your lap, so you TRY TO clean it up and PRETEND it doesn’t WORRY you.

You have 3 urgent messages from clients and you are FEARFUL and SAD that you can’t assist them as soon as they would like.

You are late for an important meeting, your attire is less than PERFECT, and the only chair left is next to a person who seriously IRRITATES you.

Hey cheer up it is only 9.15!

Sound Familiar?

Even though a lot of us ignore these little stresses and our emotional reactions to them …… our bodies don’t.

Adrenaline soars, extra cortisol is pumped into our body, we may have an unsettled tummy or our heart rate starts to race and our muscles tense. Each time we have a stressful response 1400 biochemicals are released throughout our body and one in particular DHEA can accelerate AGING. One bad episode like this doesn’t hurt but when there is a burst of cortisol in response to every stressful thing many days in a row…it backs up in your system and eventually the ratio of CORISOL:DHEA (the vitality hormone that slows down aging) gets out of whack. Some of those long-term effects are seen in

· Impaired memory and learning

· Decreased bone density

· Reduced muscle mass

· Reduced skin regeneration

· Impaired immune function

· increased BSL

· increased fat accumulation around the waist and hips

· brain cell death

· Find that you miss important information because your stressed mind has taken you out of the present moment

So next time you feel any of these emotions or attitudes arise through the day take a big breath and EXHALE slowly then again, and then once more.

Reconnect the power outage that has caused that short circuit of events by holding any one of your 10 fingers, come home to your self and connect this with your breath. BREATHE slowly bringing your system back to balance and power back up…..remembering what is at stake. You are building emotional resilience where eventually the little stuff wont bother you as much and you’ll have more energy to handle the big things when they come along.

Finally turn off the news.

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